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Znth CR is a medicine created by a Korean biotech company founded in 2006 by Sung Gu Yi. Its goal was to develop a broad spectrum medicine to treat lung-related diseases.  By 2012, Znth CR was fully developed and was being used to treat all types of lung diseases patients in Korea.  It is currently approved as a food supplement in Korea and as an over-the-counter medicine available without a prescription in the Philippines for treatment of Covid-19.


In the summer of 2016 when Yi Sung Gu, the developer of the proprietary blend of biologics called Znth CR, walked into the non-profit offices of Jin Yong Park in Seoul, Korea. Jin was then managing over 300 lawsuits worldwide for an international non-profit.  Yi explained that he had been trying to prove to the world that he had the cure for but he could not breakthrough.  


Armed with the cure for all types of lung diseases, Yi endeavored to let others know.  Medical doctors weren’t very receptive because the proprietary blend was something unfamiliar to them.  Its primary ingredients are gamma polyglutamic acid (“Gamma PGA”) and zinc sulfate.  Gamma PGA is a major constituent of the Japanese food Natto which is sometimes used as a drug delivery system in medical treatments.  It is the very culmination of biotechnology which involves the use of living organisms/cells to make useful products and/or harnesses cellular and biomolecular processes to develop technologies.  


Pharmaceutical companies in Korea weren’t very receptive either.  They either wanted it for nothing or threatened to eliminate him if he would not give up the formula and disclose the mechanism by which the proprietary blend was able to target damaged cells.  


Yi had heard of Jin through his supporters and a meeting was soon arranged.  That was the summer of 2016. Jin was convinced after only one hour of Yi telling his story and promised to help him, simply for the pride and acknowledgment in knowing he could help to finally vanquish the threat of lung diseases. This was especially personal to him as he lost his father to lung cancer at an early age. Jin brought him to five continents to meet scientists and health authorities in many countries.  They acknowledged how incredible the technology was but also cautioned it would be a hurdle because it would wreak havoc on the status quo: job losses for hundreds of thousands of those in related medical fields and billions of dollars in losses for the big pharmaceutical companies.  This is why they have been trying to crush us or steal from us or eliminate us for all these years. But we feel that medicine as powerful as this, something that can truly change the world as we know it, to help bring back a return to normalcy, to reduce to covid to mere speed bumps on the road of life, should be made available to all peoples of all countries everywhere. We quite literally want to give people back their freedoms and their lives, to live healthy and fruitful lives, without big government, big tech and big pharma standing in the way. And we will continue the fight against them via charity, hopefully via education, as you, the users, will ultimately vote to decide which charity will receive the most recent reporting period's profits.


By 2018, we were looking for a suitable country to establish as our "home." After extensive research, we finally decided to set up our "home" in the Philippines, in large part because of their acceptance of modern medicine together with alternative healing.  It took about a year to get approval from the Philippines FDA to issue a permit for us to start using Znth CR as a supplement and in November 2019 four hospitals were beginning to treat patients with lung-related diseases. By May of 2021, we had a provisional FDA approval to use Znth CR as a medicine to treat covid. And on August 7, 2021, we received approval from the Philippines FDA to sell Znth CR as an over-the-counter medicine without the need for a doctor’s prescription. This is why we are now selling online and shipping to those in need everywhere on the planet.


Our goal is quite literally to have a bottle of Znth CR in the bathroom medicine cabinet of every house or home on the planet.  Just like you probably have some Tylenol or Panadol and some BandAids or plasters in your medicine cabinet, as a responsible adult, you should have a bottle of Znth CR in your medicine cabinet as well. Only then can everyone feel safe and secure from the ever-present threat of Covid and its ugly sister, the ever-present threats to our lives and liberties posed by big government and big pharma and big tech.


Fast-forward to early 2021. COVID-19 was now spreading beyond its epicenter in China and starting to spread throughout Asia and into Europe and North America and beyond. Smaller hospitals in the Philippines, including the four hospitals previously using Znth CR to treat patients with lung diseases, were shut down due to the rapid covid proliferation. That’s when Jin had the truly game-changing idea. He thought why not try to cure covid through Znth CR.  His friend, who is a lawyer in London, supplied the first patient in February 2020.  She was a nurse in London who had contracted covid. She was sent home only with antibiotics.  She had a prior medical condition, bronchitis, and so did her parents and siblings.  Within days of taking Znth CR she was able to breath fine.  Within a week, she was back to normal.  This was the first test on humans for the novel coronavirus. But certainly was not the last. This was just the beginning of our eventful road to the current status.


We then reached out to the President in the Philippines that we may have the cure for covid.  The President instructed us to work with the Department of Science and Department of Health to arrange for a clinical trial.  With their support we treated 22 moderate to acute Covid patients.  1 died due to prior heart issues but 21 were cured within days.  


We reported the result but the Office of the President unfairly asked us to produce results for Covid patients in only severe to acute status.  Undeterred, and with the support of a prominent Covid doctor Dr. Rodolfo Kahn, we were able to cure 23 out of 25 patients all of whom--except 1 patient--had prior medical conditions, ranging from asthma, diabetes, hypertension, to emphysema, the average age being 46.6.  1 patient was disqualified because they took medications other than Znth CR.  That's a whopping 92% cure rate for patients who would be otherwise dead. All were on oxygen support.


Znth CR executive team consists of Yi Sung Gu, Jin Yong Park, Joseph C. Ramos, and Jason Coyle. Yi is the brains of the operation, the scientist whose revolutionary discovery will etch his name on the history books as the one who both eradicated lung diseases but also the threat of the coronavirus.  Jin Yong Park, a Korean American lawyer, joined forces with Mr. Yi in 2016 to provide legal advice and executive leadership. Joseph C. Ramos joined the team in 2018 to pave the way in the Philippines.  And, in 2020, Jason Coyle, a friend of Jin’s since their days right out of law school at an elite law firm in New York City, joined them to bring his operational, marketing, and tech expertise to the team.