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Why have all the governments of the world put all their stock into vaccines and not made any efforts to seek treatments? There is something strange about that course of action. And it seems all the people have just blindly and willfully followed their political leaders without question, as most often do.  But we do have questions.  We don’t believe vaccines and quarantines and lockdowns and vaccine passports are the answer. We believe that an ailment like a cold or a flu deserves treatment if infected.  Vaccines should not be the only option, especially mandatory vaccines.  They should be part of the solution, and only if and when fully tested.  Until then, there is a better solution which is tested and proven and non-toxic and natural.


We are not anti-vaxxers. We are just against being guinea pigs and lab rats for vaccines that aren’t fully tested and therefore by definition are still in the experiment stage.


There is great debate as to whether or not vaccines work or not, and even if they do, to what extent and at what cost?  And what are the side effects?  Will there be short term damage to your heart or strokes?  Will there be long term damage to your immune system? And birth defects?  Nobody yet knows.  Our opinion is to wait and see.


We are not crazy conspiracy believers either. We’re not into the 5G, 666 number of the beast, Bill Gates is out to kill us all conspiracy theories. We are just semi-intelligent people trying to use our brains for half a minute and asking a few basic questions rather than blindly trust the 3 entities we all know that we should never trust - the trio of tyranny - big government, big pharma and big tech.


But, without buying into these conspiracy theories, something fishy is definitely going on when all the governments of the world are doing all that they possibly can do including threats of denial of rights or of force or even imprisonment, or rather than using the stick approach they use the carrot approach and are bribing and paying citizens to get vaccinated. Never in the history of mankind have governments taken such a concerted interest in our health!


According to a recent NY Times article, there are two types of people not yet vaccinated - those who are hard-core anti-vaxxers and those that are trying to take a wait and see approach.  That, of course, is in the US.  I would add a 3rd group - those in the poorer countries that still don't yet have access to vaccines.  We aim to address the needs of all of those.


Personally I’d rather wait until May of 2022 before considering getting vaccinated. I’d like to see all the negative reactions to the vaccines after they’ve been out in the wild for 18 months. Lastly and most importantly, I’d like to see a whole northern hemisphere flu season come and go and see if there is any truth to the arguments made by the conspiracy theorists that say that the mRNA will severely compromise an otherwise healthy immune system and make them susceptible to death by the basic common cold or the flu. What I think is the most likely scenario is that people's immune systems are so far out of whack, because of the vaccine, that they are incapable of adapting to new variations, making them like drug addicts, chemically (and life) dependent on whatever new “software” upgrade Pfizer or Moderna can release, and without it, they are defenseless, and unless you are wealthy or well connected, you’re going to be literally left out in the cold this coming winter flu season. I think that the worst is yet to come, that it will get worse before any chance of getting better, with more lockdowns and restrictions from big government and big tech.  But, I am an optimist.  I still hope for the best.  I hope that May 2022 arrives and billions of people around the world have not died from the covid vaccine and the governments have not gone into full blown power grabs at the expense of our freedoms.  Then I would consider getting the covid vaccine. And if millions of people have died who took it, well, then it’s time to consider a Plan B.


What are mRNA vaccines and how well do we know them?  Obviously you can google this information and read tens of thousands of articles about what it is, from the layman’s perspective to the doctoral candidate level.  Personally I have no doubt that the technology is super cool and is one of the most advanced methods of medical treatment in centuries.  But would I get injected by it now?  But I wouldn’t want to get an mRNA injection now.  It is too soon.  It is too unproven.  It needs to be further tested.  Such vaccines and other treatments need years of testing and use.  The clinical trial phase alone usually takes 3-5 years or more. Pfizer / BioNTech's own trials, as per the US government's clinical trials website show that it isn't scheduled to be completed until May of 2023. For example, how can we possibly know the side effects that are long-term, or perhaps in relation to pregnancy?  There are plenty of arguments to be made on both sides, but what is wrong with taking a wait and see approach, especially when it can be prevented and/or easily treated.


What is covid? It’s not just the flu. It’s worse than the flu. But it’s not so bad that the whole world needs to shut down. How many people are broke or unemployed or without jobs or income compared to those that died? How many have committed suicide because they have no job or no money? And I’m not just talking about those that would have died anyway, but those that actually died exclusively from covid? Surely the numbers are much greater who have died feom lack of income or lack of money or suicide resulting from that than actually have died of covid. Who or what is the real enemy? Covid, or the government's restrictions in the name of covid? And how many have actually really died exclusively from covid anyway? Most that have died likely would have died because of their age or untreated comorbidities anyway. Personally, I think it’s just yet another power grab by big governments who want to increase their control over the peons, pawns, peasants and plebeians. They need to feel in control and make you know who is the boss. And that boss certainly is not you.


We haven’t gotten FDA approval for every country on earth because:

  1. It would take many years and cost several hundred millions of dollars. We have 2 FDA approvals and that’s enough. Our feeling is let’s get the product to market and start saving the world ASAP and as all profits are going to charity anyway, that would mean more profits for those that need it and less money for greedy governments to waste on useless expenses as they usually do.
  2. WHO, FDA and EMA and other regulatory bodies are corrupted by the ever revolving door of big pharma lobbyists.
  3. Frankly we don’t recognize the authority of any government or government agency to stand in the way of saving lives. We are free thinking individuals selling a useful product to other free thinking individuals. No force other than the invisible hand of a laissez faire market should ever interfere between two consenting adults, nor should it be any of their business. If we want to sell lemonade, we go buy some lemon and some -ade and open up the lemonade stand. If we have a product people want to buy, and in this case certainly need as it will save thousands of lives, we don’t feel we should let artificial laws interfere with saving lives. That’s our opinion anyway. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. If there is a law that is so galactically stupid so as to prevent the saving of lives and cause people to die, it doesn’t deserve the consideration to read it let alone abide by it.


Let’s ask ourselves, what is the role of government in our lives? Is it helping us? Or hindering us? Do we even need it at all?

Of course this can be debatable, but do you want it to stand in the way of saving your life or that of a loved one?  I think the answer is obvious.


Now let’s ask ourselves what is the role of big pharma acting in collusion with big government in our lives? Again, is it helping us? Or hindering us? Do we even need it at all also? We think possibly, at least in the pre-covid era. But in the covid era? No way!


And let’s ask ourselves about big tech. Do we need it in our lives? Well we probably don’t “need” it, we voluntarily choose it for entertainment or convenience purposes, but most certainly can do without its complicity in censoring anything antithetical to big government or big pharma. This just has to stop. People need to start thinking for themselves and then actually acting on their own thoughts and not doing what big government and big pharma keeps repeatedly telling them to do. Just because it’s repeated often enough doesn’t make it the truth!  And that is something we aim to address with the charitable foundation we have established for the distribution of our profits.  We feel that education is key to everything.  We feel the world would be much better off if the world had a few more adults capable of questioning “authority” and freely thinking for themselves instead of all sheeps being led to their slaughter.


Regarding rules and laws, we don't feel we need to be told what the rules and laws are of any particular artificially created geographic location.  We were born as humans and intend to go out as humans, and, as humans, we were born with certain innate knowledge of the laws of humanity.  We don't need any further instruction from artificially created constructs like the 195+/- various governing bodies of the world. And, with that in mind, we fully intend to do all that we can do to perpetuate that status and save as many lives as possible with Znth CR.


Experts are now saying it’s best to forget about herd immunity, better to prepare to live with covid. That means we need Znth CR more than ever. And we all know that vaccines aren’t preventing the spread of covid, and only lessen the impact should one test positive. And that's the best case scenario, minus the side effects of death and destruction.


Here is another scenario to consider.  Let’s assume you want to get the vaccine.  Why?  Because you are required to because of your job or school or need it to travel or otherwise.  But there is another possibility.  In many countries, having had Covid and recovering from it means you are eligible for an antibody test.  In Europe for example, which seems to be leading the way in restricting the movements and actions of the unvaccinated, someone who has had Covid and recovered is then eligible for an EU Digital COVID Certificate. That seems to be the best of all worlds. You don’t have to have  your immune system artificially compromised by a vaccine, especially not an mRNA vaccine, and yet you can get the vaccine passport or green pass that allows you to do all the things that the vaccinated can do.  In other words, you can have your cake and eat it too!  But that means getting covid.  Who wants to actually volunteer to get Covid?  We would never advocate that, but it seems that inevitably we all will at one time or another we all will get it, and it's up to us, or rather our immune systems, to defend us.  And what better way to kick your immune system into high gear than to have Znth CR handy.


Once upon a time we had privacy, and a possibility of anonymity. Now, because of the great covid power grab by governments, aided by big tech, for the benefit of big pharma, and at the expense of the peons, pawns, peasants and plebeians, we all need to live with to travel restrictions, work restrictions, the need to show a vaccine passport or green card to enter a restaurant or a bar or a movie theater or more. Enough already! How or where will this all end? The choice is yours.


Regarding privacy and freedom, do you remember the days when you were a teenager and wanted to go to a bar that required you to be a certain age? And if you wanted to go, you got a fake ID. It was fun. And normal. And part of growing up. Imagine how you need to present your Covid vaccination passport or green pass just to enter? Now random strangers, bouncers at a bar, have your name and date of birth and who knows what else…maybe your citizenship or address or date of birth and, of course, all of your recent medical records. Is it really any of their business?


Where is privacy in all of this? Historically, if you have an illness, you see a doctor, take some medicine, pay your bill, get better, and get on with your life. Now you must see a doctor and get an injection that could cause more harm than good, and then get an app on your phone showing your name, your date of birth, your citizenship or other ID and all of your medical records.


Before, if you wanted to travel to some obscure places on the planet, it was advisable and sometimes required to get a vaccine against some diseases that they may or may not have on that obscure place. The decision was yours. If you want to play it safe, you can get it. If not, you can decline it. It was up to you. Some countries required it.  Some did not.  We all had freedom of choice. Now, if the governments have their way, with the assistance of big tech censorship and to the benefit of big pharma, you need dozens of forms within so many number of hours in order to just get on the plane to get to your destination, then you need to spend 1 or 2 or sometimes 3 weeks in a self-imposed prison or government gulag/concentration camp cell at a cost of upwards of $500 USD per day, that is up to you to pay, often without even a window that opens to give you some fresh air. Where is the freedom in any of that?


It’s all BS. Is any of it really necessary? If only the governments didn’t have all their hopes (of what I might ask?) pinned on supposedly preventative vaccines rather than a bonafide cure. There is a cure! That’s the point! Just take Znth CR and get on with it. There is no need for all the rest of the charade!


Who are the vaxxers and the anti vaxxers? Are they left wing? Right wing? Liberals? Conservatives?  Who cares?!? Why has this become politicized? It really should come down to those who think and those who do not? Some question authority and consider their options while others are sheep being led to the slaughter.


It’s sad that so many are being forced to get vaccinated even if they don’t want it, maybe because their job requires it, or because their school or anything else near and dear to them, something with which they cannot live without, is forcing them to do so. Centuries ago, those were the Protestants and the Quakers and other religious sects that so valued their beliefs that they fled across oceans to places like Canada, America and Argentina in search of more freedom and a better life for themselves and their families. People once fought for freedom, and valued it, and would fight and die for it. Now they are more interested in Netflix and the Kardashians and partisan politics. Who are the real heroes of the modern era? Who will stand up for and fight for not even your rights but their own rights? In other words, who are the men and women of the world, not just the sheep who do what they are told arbitrarily by self-interested unelected bureaucrats more interested in their self-preservation than yours. They are the ones that seize control of their own destiny, and get a vaccine because they want it, not because it was rammed down their throats, and they choose a proven medicine to solve the possibility of getting sick from covid rather than accepting a vaccine still in its test phases, one that has multiple side-effects and even death, all covered up by the mainstream media and big tech.


Why don’t we accept credit cards as a form of payment?

We don’t like and don’t trust banks. We don’t feel that we should be kissing the asses of banks in order to receive our customer’s payments. It’s our customers’ money and then it becomes our money. It never is or was or will be the money of any of the banks. We want to bypass them and cut them out of the loop. Banks are a relic of the past and that crypto is the future of banking and money. The savings then can be passed on to our customers or to charity. In short, we have a product that our customers want. If they want it, they’ll make the effort to get bitcoin or other cryptocurrency to make the purchase. Now, by late 2021, something like 17% of the world has a cryptocurrency account of some sort. If you don’t have an account, surely you know someone who does. If not, you can always make one with minimal ID requirements and linking it to your bank or credit card. Just search online for a crypto exchange that serves your country or region.


The big pharma companies have tried to steal the recipe for Znth CR from us and kill us to prevent this from getting to market.

Big governments have tried to shut us down.

Big tech has tried to censor us.

We believe in the power of the people to stand up to the big government and big pharmaceutical companies and big technology companies & mainstream media.

Stand up. Stand tall. Live your life.


As we see more and more failings of the vaccines, especially with new Covid variants, it seems more and more that we will all get exposed to Covid whether we want it permanent residency not. It is beginning more and more to seem like it’s just something we as humans will all simply need to learn to live with in our daily lives. Putting all our faith in vaccines hurriedly eradicating Covid in just a year or two just doesn’t seem feasible or even logical any more. So, if we have to live with it, what are our options? Just like the flu, we can get optional booster shots every year, develop a herd immunity, or take our chances and do nothing, reliant on our own body’s built-in immune defense systems. Or rely on a cure…like Znth CR. Once again, Znth CR has shown time and time again it can be the solution that we all need and can give us back our lives and our freedoms. It makes it as treatable and defensible as the common cold or the flu, both of which have been with us forever and seemingly always will. We just need to learn to live with it.

Luc Montagnier, a French virologist and recipient of the 2008 Nobel Prize in Medicine for his discovery of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), has recently exposed the dangers of the COVID-19 vaccines. The vaccines don’t stop the virus, argues the prominent virologist, they do the opposite — they “feed the virus,” and facilitate its development into stronger and more transmittable variants. These new virus variants will be more resistant to vaccination and may cause more health implications than their “original” versions.
What if Luc is right, and governments are wrong about forced mass vaccination? Luc is not alone, see Dr @RWMaloneMD (inventor mRNA vaccines), Dr Mike Yeadon (ex Pfizer), Dr @GVDBossche, Dr Peter McCullough, Dr Ryan Cole, Dr. Bhakdi etc: consistent science.

Interest grows experimental Covid treatments
Two months ago, vaccines were seen as the great hope to end Covid-19. Now, as the virus continues to mutate, interest in emerging treatments is growing fast.

In February, the world’s attention was focused on Covid-19 experimental drugs. By April, with the worldwide vaccine campaign in full swing, Covid treatments didn’t seem important anymore.
Now that we know the virus isn’t going away despite vaccines, Covid drugs are back on the front burner.

The new variants are a production and result from the vaccination. You see it in each country, it's the same: the curve of vaccination is followed by the curve of deaths.” —Luc Montagnier, French virologist and recipient of the 2008 Nobel Prize in Medicine for his discovery of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)

It’s the vaxxed that are at increased risk from the variants that their own bodies are creating because their immune systems are compromised by (ADE) Antibody Dependent Enhancement.

As long been suspected, a study conducted by the Francis Crick Institute in the United Kingdom has discovered that the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine destroys T cells and weakens the immune system. Despite this, pharmaceutical companies are seeking to inject the population with a third dose or booster jab to ‘prevent’ this from happening.


A newly published medical study found that infection from COVID-19 confers considerably longer-lasting and stronger protection against the Delta variant of the virus than vaccines. Could this be the end of governments pushing for vaccine passports and maybe considering cures and treatments as the solution rather then vaccines that do not work?



It’s amazing how if you repeat the same BS all the time then maybe it might be true!

However, vaccines alone won’t end COVID-19. They are one important component of a robust infection control program, and we have so many other tools in our toolbox that we must use to end this pandemic.
Those include: Universal masking, physical distancing, screening and testing, contact tracing, tracking of breakthrough infections, ventilation; and for health care workers, optimal protective equipment, safe staffing, proper isolation of patients and more.

No! The solution is simple. You don’t need to prevent against something that affects so few people. You treat it like any other illness, like a cold or the flu or a headache. If you get it, you take some medicine and it goes away.



May 2, 2023…Thats when the Pfizer / BioNTech vaccines finish clinical trials.
This is from the US Government Clinical Trials website.
Draw your own conclusions from that.



Anti-vaxxers or pro-choice or freedom fighters?

What is the politically correct term to use nowadays?