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A testimonial from a nurse in London

Yesterday I have completed the pills. I had good recovery, my symptoms are all gone except my stubborn cough, which has now improved a lot. As I said before, normally when I have cough, it takes weeks to go away no matter what I do. My mother and brothers have the same problem so possibly a genetics thing? I felt nauseous and nearly fainted yesterday after attending the Sunday church service via Zoom. My husband and son asked me to lay down and rest because apparently, I was very pale. I rested for an hour and felt better and got up to continue my housework. Then I had to retire early. Obviously, my full strength and normal health is not back yet.

I think 16 days of almost completely having no food and hydration, with continued fever and also in pain, my body is going to take some time to regain the normal strength. The pills managed to kill all the virus and remove all the symptoms but my body will take more days to recover my full energy. Not to mention, I developed anxiety and fear of going back to work, possibly contracting the disease again and experience the whole process again. The thought of it alone make me nauseous and gives me a headache already. I mentioned earlier that I refused to take the 2 courses of antibiotics. I refused to take my discharge medications from the hospital--despite still having fever and other COVID 19 symptom--because it was making me more ill.

2 days after I received and started taking the Znth CR, my fever and other symptoms disappeared one by one with no obvious side effects.

Thank you so much for sending me these pills.

Best regards and thanks to you, and to your daughter Eliza who very kindly hand-delivered them to me. Thank you and your family and all the members of the team / medical team.

God bless,