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Maria Coyle

This is from Maria Coyle

I am Maria Coyle
I have chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder otherwise known as COPD
I split time between Florida and NY in the United States
I am retired from blue cross, the largest health insurance company in America
As a retiree from the largest health insurance company in America I have an amazing health insurance policy which entitles me to the best care at the best facilities by the best doctors in America
5 years ago I was diagnosed with COPD
I spent 4 months in a medically induced coma, connected to a ventilator
Since I was released in mid 2016, I’ve been pretty consistently connected to oxygen machines of various sorts 24/7
I was unable to go far from home, always needing the oxygen tanks
I would get bouts of pneumonia which would require hospitalization it seemed like 4-6 times per year
In early 2020 I started taking Znth CR
At first I didn’t notice much improvement. Maybe it was because it was slow.
I took them for about 3 months
I then stopped and within the first month I noticed my health was getting worse
I realized I needed them
But they were expensive and I wasn’t sure if I could afford them
As another month passed I realized I really needed them and think they were what was responsible for keeping me alive
I got a loan against my house - a home equity loan - I order to pay for them. I bought several bottles and have been taking them every day since around September 2020
I feel they are responsible for saving my life and giving me back my life
I still cannot travel yet but I can spend most days without oxygen and I can leave the house to go out and go to the store or go for walks and live like a somewhat normal life

Even though I have access to the best doctors and the best facilities in America, none of these doctors were able to allow me to live my life like I used to live it, i.e.: without being connected to oxygen tanks all the time. The only think that gave me back my life is Znth CR.

I would recommend them for anyone with COPD