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We are the company that will bring you not only the cure for covid. We are here to give you back your life, to give power back to the people.


We are not political, we are not radical, we are just simple people who are not afraid to think a little bit, and don't like it when big government, big pharma, and big tech stand in our way and prevent us from saving the world.  We have a mission to do, and that is to help the people of the world overcome covid in their lives. Znth CR will heal them. We will do it by empowering the people to make their own decisions. And we will donate 100% of all profits to charity. And you, the users, will decide which charity will receive the donations.  Znth CR is a natural non-toxic and broad-spectrum FDA-approved in the Republic of the Philippines as an over-the-counter, non-prescription medicine that can eliminate all traces of Covid-19 in less than a week, on average in 3 days in 92% of cases, and has shown the highest level of recovery rates, by far, for various types of lung-related diseases, such as pulmonary edema, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (“COPD”), pulmonary fibrosis, emphysema, bronchitis, pneumonia, than any other treatments currently available anywhere in the world.


This is the solution that the world has been waiting for, a bonafide and verified treatment that is effective against covid and other lung diseases. Now people can resume living their lives without worrying about vaccines or quarantines or masks or other restrictive measures. Now Covid is no longer a disease to be feared; it is merely another treatable ailment for which you take a pill and it will go away. It is a natural treatment in pill form that is available over the counter and without a doctor’s written prescription.  It is a proprietary blend of 30 mg of zinc sulfate and 30 mg of Poly Gamma PGA, a byproduct of the fermentation of Natto beans, a food commonly eaten for breakfast in East Asia, that strengthens and repairs your lungs' DNA so that they have the ability to heal themselves and to ward off infectious diseases with your body’s own strengthened immune system.


For every person or citizen of the world who feels that covid has robbed something from them - loved ones, health, money, jobs, freedom, or more, now you have the chance to be free.


Be healthy. Stay healthy. There are options other than vaccines and other forced and restrictive measures. Say no to vaccine passports. Say no to government rules and oppression. There is a better way. 


One pill can change everything.


Znth CR is all you need to defeat Covid and all of its associated symptoms and restrictions. It gives you the freedom to safely come and go as you please and eliminate risk and remain healthy and live your life like you did in 2019 and just say no to government restrictions and forced vaccinations.


We now have a better alternative to the flawed systems of insufficiently tested (emergency use case, not FDA/EMA/WHO approved yet) vaccines onto which all the world’s governments have pinned their hopes. We now have a simple non-prescription pill that will cure COVID-19 in an average of 3 days.


This quite literally will save the world. And we want to give the world back to the people of the world, to allow humanity to return to where it should be - in pursuit of life, liberty and happiness. That’s why we are donating 100% of all profits to charities, and those charities will be chosen by our community of users. 


Stand together with Znth CR and stand tall. Stand up for your rights. Control your health. Control your destiny.


Join us in singing the song of the little people standing up to the face of tyranny everywhere:


Power to the people.

"Do You Hear The People Sing?"


Of the People, By the People, For the People.

Life. Truth. Humanity.

Stand up. Stand tall. Live your life.

Znth CR