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Firstly the obvious. Eliminate covid. Treat other lung illnesses. You’re sick and want to get healthy.  Reclaim your health and your life.  This is by far the #1 reason why you should buy Znth CR.


Insurance against Covid


Every responsible adult should have a small bottle of Znth on their medicine cabinet in case they or their loved ones get Covid-19.


Vote for Freedom


If enough people choose to not get vaccinated and instead choose to enhance their immune systems and strengthen their lungs instead, perhaps governments will realize that there is another option other than supposedly preventative vaccines.




We believe in empowering the individual.  You want to control your own life and your destiny.  You don’t want to rely on governments or big pharma.  Maybe you don’t trust them.  Maybe you want to be independent of them and have your own solution.  Your life is too valuable to leave in the hands of those who would put power and profits ahead of one person’s health.  You are that one person.  How will you decide?


Freedom of Choice


You’re a responsible adult. Shouldn’t you be trusted to make your own decisions with your own health and your own body?




92% effective in human trials against covid in severe to acute patients who had been connected to oxygen support.  Unlike unproven vaccines, this works on all variants as it is broad-spectrum.  In fact, it is by far the better choice because, unlike vaccines which only protect you against the known variants, ie: narrow-spectrum.  Znth CR enhances your lungs’ DNA so that they can protect you against the unknown variants yet to come, ie: broad-spectrum immunotherapy.


When you have a headache, you take Tylenol or Paracetamol to make it go away. If you have covid, simply take Znth CR to make it go away. It’s as simple as that. Znth CR really does reduce covid to nothing more than a headache that can go away with just a few pills in a few days.


It has been used to cure major lung ailments for 17 years now. Covid is a much simpler ailment and is hardly a match for Znth CR. Patients have all symptoms of covid eliminated in an average of 3 days, maximum of 7.  We recommend 3 pills per day for 10 days as the full course of treatment.